Excerpt About Kundalini

Kundalini Can Lead to the Experience of Boundless Space
It should be noted here that the experience of the column of space and of the mind as boundless space is usually the crown of the process of development of what some systems call the Kundalini. In this process, energy ascends up the spine into the head, causing all kinds of unusual experiences. However, when the process is successful, it culminates in the experience of boundless space. This experience is sometimes called the void, or "akash", a Sanskrit term. We'll see later that this realization is not really the apex of human development. The void is the emptiness which in time will allow the unfolding of the fullness and richness of Being. Just as the void is the combination of the process of the ascent of energy, it will become the beginning point of a process of the descent that will bring the fullness of Being.

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