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The State of Ego Inadequacy

Ego, however, has a kind of energy available for its functioning that becomes more available due to the state of inadequacy. When one looks deeply into the personality, before ego inadequacy is revealed consciously, one finds the state blocked in a specific way. Our experience is that many people complain of kidney tension and pain when they are dealing with this issue. Its blockage is always connected with physical contractions at the adrenal glands, especially the one over the left kidney. If one looks closely, one will perceive a very small hole in that area, with strong defenses against it. This is the state of inadequacy as it is seen in the unconscious and reflected in the body. This contraction at the adrenal glands, which is usually subtle and not available to normal consciousness, seems to affect them in a way that makes them generate more adrenalin, which creates an excess of a particular energy that feels active, speedy, unsettled, agitated and excited. This is the primary energy that ego uses, which is clear in states of fear, agitation, anger and worry. One then cannot sit down, cannot be calm, cannot settle, physically or mentally……….. When the blockage against the inadequacy dissolves, and one feels the state itself, the hole at the left kidney expands and is felt to be centered at the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the location for the emergence and operation of the Will aspect, and so with a hole there the feeling is of the absence of support, confidence and solidity of the Will. This shows the importance of the Will for the resolution of the inadequacy. We have already discussed how any ego activity leads to blocking the Will. We will now turn to the discussion of how ego inadequacy is resolved.

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