Excerpt About Kidney

Engaging Fundamental Support

If you are curious about the truth, you follow where your experience leads. You have no legs, no will, you feel castrated, you can't really move. You notice that some armor around your pelvis and legs that used to support your sense of identity is softening. As your investigation into who you are changes that sense of identity, the old support is no longer adequate. If you stay there without resisting and gently, compassionately, and lovingly investigate what’s happening, your strength and courage are engaged. After a while you realize a certain aspect emerges. You see a shift to a more fundamental sense of support. Suddenly your legs are solid, like mountains. Nothing can stop them. One of the ways the aspect of will manifests is as a solidity, an immensity or support for the process of being. It’s true that your kidney meridian affects your legs. But to correct the kidney meridian is a temporary measure. The will aspect of being is what allows you to move solidly from an essential level. When true support is absent, in time not only will the kidney meridian but all kinds of meridians will go. This is not to say that there is no use for the chiropractor or the acupuncturist. They have their area of usefulness, but there are other areas where you personally are responsible. Your inner practice is what develops will, strength, joy, compassion, and openness of mind.

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