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The Sense in Which Christ Is the Son of God
So being both the Way and the Life is important, but being the Life is the specific contribution of Christianity that's not talked about much in other traditions. Christ’s message is the redemption of the totality of all existence, seeing the Logos as the Cosmic Logos, as the Cosmic Christ, giving existence a true value. Christ happened to be a complete embodiment of that level of consciousness in being a person. So you could say that the Logos itself, true nature as a dynamic creative active living indivisible presence of realness, got incarnated as an individual. And that’s the sense in which Christ is the son of god, because the Logos is what first comes out of the Absolute. The Logos is the first radiance, the first light, the first intelligence. Think of the resurrection as happening all the time. The Logos is the first born, the first emanation of the Absolute. Christ the Logos is the oldest of the old.

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