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On the Levels of Essential Reality and Identity the Issues are Universal

Now, what we take ourselves to be and what we take reality to be are linked with what happened in our childhood. A lot of what we believe has to do with our relationship with our mother and with our childhood environment. However, on the level of essential reality and on the level of identity, the issues that arise are universal; they don’t depend on childhood specifics. Wherever you go in the world, everyone has certain fundamental levels of suffering, regardless of how happy or miserable they might be. The very identification of oneself as an object among other objects makes us suffer at this deeper level. Fundamentally, we don’t suffer because our mother didn’t love us or our father was mad at us, although these things might have made it worse. The problem is much more universal. The fundamental notions about what a human being is and what reality is constitute a universal social phenomenon, although it does vary in different cultures. These notions lead to suffering because they are not true; if they were true, they wouldn’t lead to suffering. So again we notice that seeing the truth is the way to freedom from unnecessary suffering.

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