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Being Intelligence

This is a very important insight to see in regard to intelligence. Yes, I can be intelligent; but deeper than that, I can be intelligence. If you allow yourself to embody the Brilliancy, you can experience yourself as that beautiful, delicate presence that is Brilliancy, that is intelligence. Our essence, our beingness, our soul, our very consciousness, is actually Brilliancy. At a very deep level of our essential existence, we find that we are intelligence—not that we are intelligent, but that intelligence is our self-nature, our ipseity. In fact, our capacities and our other qualities issue out of intelligence, are differentiations out of intelligence. Intelligence is not one of those little things you can have or not have. It is a core, a center, a source of who we are. Brilliancy is who I am. Other things I experience are things that come out of me. And because I am the Being of intelligence, because I am pure Brilliancy, there is light, there is brightness, in my other qualities. Consciousness, without the Brilliancy, is a dullness. It is dull, heavy, dark. The fact that at the deepest level I am Brilliancy itself makes it possible for there to be light in my consciousness, in my experience of my consciousness. Brilliancy, in other words, is a very basic fact of my consciousness. It is the actual physiognomy of the substance of my being. At a very deep place, and in a fundamental way, I am Brilliancy. The truth of the human soul is that its essence is ultimately Brilliancy, its self-nature is fundamentally intelligence.

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