Excerpt About Inquiry (Dialectic)

The Relational Field in the Dialectic

The dialectic inquiry might begin with talking about how you are feeling with one another after hearing what the other person had to say. Start there and see what develops. As you are speaking, something in particular might begin to happen that you can feel in the space between you. Or perhaps you will just feel the presence in the field. You can start by acknowledging that rather than by engaging first thing in a dialogue. Whatever happens, you want to pay attention to what the relational field feels like as you are engaged with each other. Just explore it; be experimental. Let yourself take risks, but keep sensing. See if you can actually feel what is happening between you, rather than just having an intellectual understanding of where your partner is. Remember that dialectic inquiry is an interactive inquiry. You are not simply discussing your experience together, but rather you are also expressing yourself and responding to the expressions of the other. Expressions will need to be appropriate and responsive, and avoid attacks, judgments, criticisms, therapizing each other, or reading each other psychically. It is a mutual cooperative endeavor, a collaborative relational adventure in the discovery of reality.

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