Excerpt About Inner Support

Realization and Integration of Inner Support

The more it is integrated and the more inner support is realized, the more your experience of self-realization will become independent and permanent. At some point you will have to become independent of the school and of the teacher. This does not mean to be physically separated. You can be in the school and still be independent and alone. Eventually you will have to be free from all teaching, from everything you have learned, everything, absolutely everything. You will have to give up all the ways you support your self-realization with anything you have learned in the past, so that nothing from the past is needed for support. The past can only support self-image. Your self-realization will deepen, go to different levels and become more permanent. The final support that has to go is your mind. Even after you let go of your particular teaching, or whatever you learned from other sources, you still have your own insights and your own experiences. They define your way of looking at things and of understanding things. “This is me, this is that, that’s the meaning of this.” These are the final supports that have to go. Then you can be who you are, self-realized without even having to know it. Self-realization does not become complete and permanent until it doesn’t need any external support at all, not even the support of your thoughts. You don’t even need to recognize it. You don’t need to feel it, just experience the natural thing. You are the presence without cognizing the presence. letting go of the teaching and letting go of your mind are the deepest, subtlest levels.

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