Excerpt About Inner Realization

The Challenge to the Sense of Being a Separate Individual

The sense of being a separate individual is challenged only very far into the process of inner realization. This is partly because, although there is a clear but subtle experiential difference between the individuality of ego and the presence of Essence, the absence of the sense of separateness in the experience of the personal essence is rarely noticed in the early stages of realization. The subtlety of this difference is not the only reason for the failure to perceive it. The main reason is that to see this difference one must be able to disidentify, to some extent, from the sense of being an individual. This is certainly not easy nor even desirable at the beginning. One’s ego boundaries are so much a part of ordinary perception that one never questions them; the sense of oneself as a separate entity is taken to be an objective and absolutely necessary characteristic of being a living human being. However, the ever-expanding development of the Personal Essence gradually puts pressure, by the mere fact of its presence, on the sense of being an ego individual, exposing the ego individuality as unreal.

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