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The inner journey is a passionate inquiry into our own soul, our own personal field of experience. It’s not enough to be passionately involved in a subject or pursuit that we are interested in learning more about; we have to be passionately involved in our own process. We need to inquire into and study our own state, our own soul; our inquiry has to be about what is relevant to us personally.
Spacecruiser Inquiry, p. 398   •  discuss »
The inner journey is many things. It is a journey of adventure and discovery; a journey of maturation and completeness; a journey of truth and authenticity; a journey of love, devotion, passion, and union; a journey of compassion, giving, and service. It is a journey of realization of the nature of soul and reality; a journey of insight and learning; a journey of fulfillment of life and human potential; a journey of liberation from suffering and limitation; and a journey of inner freedom. Yet, all these reflect one thing, and only one thing. For the journey is essentially a journey home, to our original primordial ground and source. To be at home is to be whole, contented, and at peace, for no reason but that we are abiding in our true nature. There is no need then, no restlessness, no stirring of dissatisfaction, no ambition for anything at all. Abiding at home, we can live any life that fits our circumstances, and it will be a life redeemed, where one's fulfillment is identical with serving others. Such connection can take as through the vicissitudes of life and its unavoidable adversities, with grace, dignity, and maturity.
Inner Journey Home, p. 481   •  discuss »
On the other hand, you already appreciate being real if you genuinely want to do inner work for its own sake. Being real means being the way you are when you are by yourself and quiet: “I know this is me and I know what that is like and I am comfortable being it. I have no conflict about it. And when I am interacting with someone, it is that reality of who I am that is interacting.” People don’t generally make the effort to do inner work if they don’t want to be real, if they don’t feel that being real is something good, something they want, something they appreciate. There is something precious about being real in an interaction, something that cannot be analyzed. Being real has nothing to do with getting something or giving something, being seen or making the other feel seen—none of that. It is just me, as what I am, actually being the one who is doing or saying something.
The Unfolding Now, p. 5   •  discuss »
You may have noticed that we are taking one little step at a time. To take even one step in our personal journey usually requires a lot of work and understanding. Much growing, maturing, and learning is involved, for instance, in going from seeing where you are to not meddling with where you are.
The Unfolding Now, p. 31   •  discuss »
The inner journey is difficult because we have to deal with issues that we'd rather not deal with, issues that we’ve avoided for a long time. To be real, to live a truthful life, we have to be ruthlessly honest with ourselves. We can't say, “I want to be real,” and keep running away from ourselves and from our lives. Being real is the result of confronting ourselves, the result of being honest about who and what we are.
Diamond Heart Book V, p. 228   •  discuss »

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