Excerpt About Infant Soul

Dominance of Forms in the Field of the Infant Soul
However, our observation is that the infant’s soul, though immersed in true nature at times of psychophysical equilibrium and feeling its characteristics, not only does not recognize it for what it is, but also her direct awareness of it is dim and tends to be obscured by the dominance of the forms that arise in her experiential fields. Some of these forms are aspects of essence, of various colors and textures; but even though perceived and felt, they are not recognized for what they are. Some of the arising forms, mostly not aspects of essence, become gradually integrated into her sense of self, an identity that begins to function as a lens through which consciousness looks, further obscuring her ground true nature. The final result is that she is prevented from recognizing her true nature, and also from directly experiencing it, due to the duality arising from the development of ego structures.

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