Excerpt About Infant Soul

When the Environment is Adequate Enough the Child's Soul Feels Held

By adequate we mean that the environment needs to be, especially in the persons of the primary caregivers, not only welcoming and loving, but also caring, appropriate, empathic, responsive, and capable. When the environment —which includes the physical environment, the primary caregivers, and the social field surrounding them—is adequate enough, the child’s soul feels held. Feeling held is a multifaceted state, but it includes feeling loved and cared for appropriately and adequately to the moment and to the stage of development of the soul. When the soul feels held this way she manifests and actualizes one of her basic potentials, a preconceptual state of trust. This state, which we refer to as basic trust, is inherent to the soul by the mere fact of her original innocence. She does not yet know of trouble, and hence she possesses a carefree and naturally relaxed attitude, an attitude that is not differentiated yet into a feeling. She is then in a state of nondifferentiated, nonconceptual trust, basic trust.

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