Excerpt About Impressionability

The Soul is Impressionable in the Way that the Earth Is

The soul is impressionable the way earth is, for example. Walking on dirt, we leave impressions on the ground. Depending on our weight and the frequency of walking the same route, the impression can be more or less permanent, more or less indelible. If we regularly walk the same route, in time the ground will retain the impression of a trail. The more frequently we walk this route, the deeper is the impression and the more permanent. However, we can make just as deep and lasting an impression if we roll a heavy kind of machinery a few times, or even once, over the same area. Experientially, if as children we are regularly treated without much respect, we grow up feeling unworthy of respect and unable to have self-respect. Similarly, if our bodies or our minds were severely abused a few times, or horribly even once, the lasting impression might be just the same. The severity of the problem regarding respect depends on how frequently and how severely the soul encountered disrespect. This principle is true about both negative and positive impacts. If one experienced love frequently as a child, the lasting impression will be ease in the area of love. One then will relatively easily and frequently experience love, and be readily able to receive love.

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