Excerpt About Impeccability

Impeccability Means Letting Go of Attachments
It is not to be perfect but to do your best, to act according to all the wisdom, all the understanding, all the experience, all the awareness, all the will that you have. As you confront your indulgences, you will see that to continue to be really impeccable and not succumb to your indulgences will mean letting go of all kinds of things. The way of impeccability can be taken as a path on its own. You could attempt to be impeccable all the time and all your indulgences would arise, which would reveal all your attachments. Impeccability means letting go of those attachments. The way of the impeccable warrior is a way complete in itself, is a path to a certain knowledge. In our Work here, we’re not taking that path by itself, but we’re using it. We’re taking that attitude as an aid.

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