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The Deepest Structure of the Personality

We now come to the last and deepest structure of the personality, which Freud called the id. The id is the sector of the personality that is most primitive, closest to the biological roots, and that contains the instincts and their energies and drives. The instincts and their drives are still the least understood part of depth psychology. The id, however, as Freud had already pointed out, is really the basis and the ground for the whole personality. The instincts and their drives are usually the categories that people question least. People are driven by their instincts, and this drivenness is seen as the natural course and therefore is not questioned. People are usually not interested in being free from the deep influences of their instincts. The instincts are so deep and basic and determine the personality and its life to such an extent that it does not even occur to the individual to wonder whether it is possible to be free from instinct.

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