Excerpt About Human Maturity

Resistance to Being Mature
So, one side of it is that when you try to actualize the perspective of being a mature, full, responsible human being in the world, the primary early structures of our individual consciousness, the soul child or the libidinal soul responds by saying, "What about me? I want to have fun and play." The soul child considers the responsibility, efficiency, and realness of the mature adult antithetical to having fun, enjoying things, and just hanging out. The other side of feeling resistant or dissatisfied with the perspective of practical functioning is that you might look at the school or the teacher as lacking something, as not providing an appropriate model. They are not the way you want them to be. You might feel disappointment, "I'm not getting it anymore. I'm not getting what I need anymore. I want something, but the teacher is telling me that I have to grow up."

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