Excerpt About HU

Unity of Unities
So far we have explored many of the concepts of “mind.” We’ve looked at the mind as thoughts and as impressions of experience; we’ve looked at the nature of the mind in terms of emptiness and the essential aspects that unfold from this space in the mind, the heart and the will. The natural movement of this understanding is toward unification. We can see the unity of unities by understanding the secret of “Hu.” Unity is called “Hu” in Arabic. So we understand the complete unity if we understand “Hu.” As we follow the unfolding of our understanding and experience we have noticed a movement toward unification. Where is this coming from? Is there a force pushing us toward unification? Is there still a deeper nature of the mind we haven’t yet fathomed? There is that which creates space. That is “Hu,” that is the ground of the ground, the source of the ground. The biggest unity must be what includes the nothingness and the thingness, non-being and being, space and creation, non-existence and existence. That is “Hu.”

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