Excerpt About Hope

The Attitude of Hope is a Rejection
Nothing can be done. There’s no hope because the very attitude of hope, the very attitude of doing something, is a rejection, is itself strengthening the personality, which is the attitude of conflict. I’m saying all of this, but at the same time we do have work here. We do have a group and I do work with people. What am I saying then? Am I contradicting myself? If nothing can be done, if the situation is completely hopeless, then what’s the point of having a school, what’s the point of the teaching, what’s the point of the work? Are you wasting your time, your money, your effort? It’s a paradoxical situation, that the situation is completely hopeless, nothing can be done, and yet at the same time there is a school where you can work to bring about freedom. This situation can be understood. The understanding is that the school and the teaching exist, not so you’ll strengthen your hope, but so that in time, you will see that what I’m saying is true. The school is useful only for finally bringing about the perception and the certain understanding that it is hopeless. That is the function of the teaching. Only when you completely understand from your own observation of your mind and reality that it is hopeless, only then will you give up. When there’s complete hopelessness and you give up, not out of despair, but out of understanding, then the freedom will be there. The freedom will not come as a result of your achieving anything. The freedom will arise only as a result of understanding the situation.

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