Excerpt About Hope

Hope is Part of the Structure of the Personality
So this attitude of rejecting something which is there and wanting something else—which is the same movement—is actually the attitude of the personality itself. It is the personality, the ego personality. The basic structure of the personality is nothing but a rejection of what is there, and hope for something better. In fact, the movement of rejection is what started the discord, the split between the personality and essence at the beginning when you were children. The personality began with this attitude. As a child you saw that one thing felt good and another felt bad. “I want what feels good. I don’t want what feels bad.” At some point you realized that there were good experiences and bad experiences. You developed an attitude toward what felt painful that you didn’t want and what felt good that you did want. This is where the whole dynamic of fear and hope began. Fear is almost always simply the fear that something bad will happen. Hope is simply the hope that something pleasurable will happen. We can see that the process of the personality is basically a movement of fear and hope: fear of pain and hope for pleasure. Fear and hope underlie the defensive mechanisms in the personality, the repression and resistance. What is resistance but resisting part of your experience? Resistance is ultimately rejection of something that you are experiencing. Resistance or defense is basically a rejection of part of you. Part of you is setting itself against another part and saying, “No, I don’t want that.” This attitude by itself creates division, conflict, and disharmony

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