Excerpt About Holding Environment

The Early Environment Becomes Projected Onto the Totality of Existence
True holding comes from the truth itself, from Being. The holding environment in a sense represents reality, whether it is manifesting in a real way -- governed by truth, or in a false way -- governed by egoic delusion. If it is manifesting in a real way, we experience holding. In the course of our development, the early environment becomes projected onto the totality of existence, So we tend to believe that all of existence is characterized by the lack of holding we experienced in childhood. This makes it difficult for us to see how Being, which is the totality of all existence, can actually function to hold us. The more we have the experience of being held by reality, the more the sense of inadequacy will be healed. Such experiences generate more trust and help us understand more completely what holding is about. Initially, such experiences might expose previously unconscious memories of inadequate holding, which is part of the process of working through, and letting go of, those memories. In a sense, we have to re-experience the difficulties in the holding that we had -- and feel their impact on us -- in order to let them go.

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