Excerpt About Hierarchy / Nonhierarchy

Realization is a Matter of Realizing all the Dimensions of Reality Simultaneously

To understand the view of the hierarchy of the dimensions of Being, and its usefulness, is to understand the usefulness of the perspective of ascent, as the experience and exploration of each of these dimensions. To understand each dimension on its own, as we have done in the last five chapters, is to recognize and appreciate its specific and necessary contribution. Such understanding is necessary for understanding the principles governing the path of realization and liberation, which requires a full grasp of the functioning of Reality and of the soul. At the same time, the integrated dimension adds the insight that Reality is not one of these dimensions, but they are all necessary for both its existence and our experience of it. This insight points to the truth that realization is not a matter of realizing one of these dimensions of true nature, but of realizing all of them simultaneously, for that is the true structure of Reality.

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