Excerpt About Hierarchy / Nonhierarchy

Seeing that there is No Hierarchy in True Nature

Whenever true nature manifests itself, all of true nature is there. When we experience compassion, that compassion has emptiness, has awareness, has truth, has love. Although they may not be manifest, they are all there, and if we stay with our experience, and don’t try to get somewhere else or try to change anything, if we simply let it be, it will by itself unfold and reveal other possibilities because these other possibilities are intrinsic to it. The view that arises from this insight of the equalness and completeness of each manifestation of true nature is that experiencing personal presence is no less important than experiencing nondual awareness. Experiencing the emptiness of everything is not more important, more significant, or more powerful than experiencing the joy of being human. We see that there is no hierarchy in true nature.

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