Excerpt About Hierarchy / Nonhierarchy

Working in a Way that Predisposes Us to Consider True Nature a Hierarchy

Because of this gradual approach to presenting true nature, we can easily assume and develop the view that reality is hierarchical. We experience that the essential qualities of true nature are deeper than our ordinary experience; and even more profound than the qualities is the realization of the boundless dimensions. We can experience the nonduality of the boundless dimensions as a greater realization than the experience of the differentiated qualities of true nature. And the integration of the boundless dimensions is a still subtler realization. This way of working predisposes us to consider true nature a hierarchy, where one state is deeper than another, subtler than another, or more profound than another. Our realization goes through successive stages, each more inclusive than the preceding one, and this process of increasing subtlety breeds in us the notion that some forms of true nature are more important than others, that some manifestations of true nature are more real, more fundamental, or more powerful than others. But is this actually the case?

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