Excerpt About Hatred

The Attempt to Eliminate Frustration by Annihilating It
Hatred is fake power; it is black, but a dull, thick blackness. Hatred arises when we haven't actualized the true power of the Black Essence. It is due to frustration in the face of difficulties. Hatred arises when you feel powerless, for it is an attempt to eliminate the frustration by annihilating it. You want to annihilate whatever problem you have, whatever is in your way, whether it is an inner or outer frustration. You want to make it disappear. True Black power does that, but through understanding instead of through aggression. Aggression only creates more frustration. But if you inquire into hatred itself, it transforms into power. Just as you would inquire into anything else, you want to feel hatred, be open to it, welcome it, see what it is about. Where did it come from? what is it trying to do? Feel it fully -- without resistance, without judgment, and without acting it out. That by itself unfolds it to reveal the truth lying within it, which is true power.

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