Excerpt About Harmony

How Harmony Can Come to the World
When you have this mystical experience of seeing the loving nature of the universe, you see that what will bring about peace on earth is not politics. You see that there is no way to bring harmony to the world except through seeing the harmony that is already there. You see that external harmony has to be an expression of inner harmony; otherwise, it will never manifest because one's view of the world would remain a projection of the inner delusions of separateness and conflict. Basically, everyone has this projection and is at odds with it, trying to change it or improve it, fighting with it inside one's mind, making little changes here and there, but not fundamentally resolving it. If you really recognize the inner nature of reality -- that it is loving, that it is joyous, that it is abundant – you will live from that recognition and you will act so as to bring about in others the same recognition.

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