Excerpt About Harmony

Self-existent Harmony

From the point of view of the end of the journey, the state of egolessness, the perception of Holy Harmony is that the creative flow is always a harmony, in harmony, and revealing harmony. The harmony is self-existent and is always present. Its existence is not the result of someone advancing on a path; only the perception of it results from spiritual work. From the point of view of one traveling the path, the perception is that the creative flow manifests as an optimizing thrust, pushing one toward harmony. That is, if we let reality unfold without interfering with it, we see that our experience of it evolves spontaneously toward harmony and the awareness of harmony. The optimizing thrust of reality will move our experience of ourselves and the world toward the enlightened state, which is the perception of, and the abiding in, objective reality, as revealed in the nine Holy Ideas. We can see this Idea of Holy Harmony either from the perspective of the enlightened state or from that of moving toward it. From the enlightened state, we realize that the unfoldment of reality is always a harmony; one harmony is being continuously replaced by another harmony. From the perspective of the path, we realize that there is an unfoldment occurring. If we really attune ourselves to the dynamism of Being, instead of trying to take things into our own hands, we realize that the dynamism of Being has its own inherent optimizing thrust that will guide us and lead us toward the implicit harmony.

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