Excerpt About Harmony

Spontaneous Interest in Activities that are in Harmony with One's Realization

The more the Personal Essence is realized and developed, the more one experiences one’s life as integrated with who one is. One’s life becomes the natural expression and extension of one’s personal realization. One literally fills one’s life with one’s integrated qualities and capacities. Defensive, superficial and unnecessary activities, interests and engagements drop away. One’s interests and activities become a direct reflection of one’s essential attainment. Life becomes rich, profound, significant and fulfilling. This does not happen through planning or premeditation. The mind does not and cannot know what needs to happen. The Personal Essence exerts the influence of all its qualities and dimensions on the consciousness of the individual. One becomes naturally and spontaneously interested and involved in the activities, interests and situations that are in harmony with one’s realization. This realization determines one’s life, and one’s life leads to a greater development of the realization. One begins to feel that everything that happens in one’s life is meaningful and necessary. It’s as if nothing wrong can happen, or that whatever is perceived to be wrong turns out to be ultimately in the service of one’s development.

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