Excerpt About Harmony

For a Human Life to be Complete it Must Consist of All Dimensions of Reality

As we will see at the end of this book, this perception is needed, ultimately, for a true human life. The absolute reality of which we have been speaking is the source of the human being, and the spring of all life. But human life is lived in the manifest world, with all its differentiations, colors and richness.To truly understand human life is to know the non-conceptual reality and still live a personal life of love, work and knowledge. It is to know directly that we are the unfathomable reality, that all differentiations are conceptual, and still live in this differentiated world, appreciating its richness, variety and beauty. For human life to be complete and balanced, it must consist of the harmony of all dimensions of reality, from the ultimate non-conceptual source to the various dimensions of manifest existence. It must integrate in a harmonious whole the universe of the man of spirit and the universe of the man of the world. Otherwise there is either no life or a fake life.

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