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The Absolute is the Guest
The Absolute, characterized by total absence, is the night, and it is the Guest that arrives at night. It is the unity of awareness and absence, presence and emptiness. Another name I have for the Absolute is the Beloved. I myself like the word ipseity for it. I find it the most descriptive. Ipseity is an old English word used in Christian theology. By ipseity they meant divine ipseity. The word means two things at once. It means self and it means nature. So it is self-nature, simultaneously your identity and your nature. No other word I know has both of these meanings at once. Many teachings talk about self or identity and the Absolute as the ultimate self. Although this is true, the Absolute not only is the self but is the nature of everything. Ipseity includes both of these meanings. The Absolute is the self because you experience it as the ultimate identity, the ultimate truest self. At the same time, you realize the Absolute is also your nature and the nature of everything.

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