Excerpt About Green Latifa

A Sensitivity of Consciousness

But where does this empathic attunement that invites the unfolding of the pain and suffering come from? what is it about the Green latifa, the loving kindness,that makes the response to pain possible? To understand this, we need to look at the latifa of Compassion from a more transcendent perspective, from the perspective of Being. In other words, how does Compassion appear in the eyes of God, independent of the needs of the human soul? From this transcendent perspective, the White, or Will, represents the creative force of Being. The Red, or Strength, represents the aesthetic beauty of this creativity as reflected in the richness and color of its inherent discrimination. The Yellow, or Joy, represents the playfulness and celebration of this beautiful creation. The celebration, the beauty, and the creativity exist whether humans need them or not, whether there is suffering or not. So what does the Green represent? What is the quality of Green, independent of our human needs, that provides the specific capacities we have been discussing in this chapter? We can approach this question by recognizing that with the Green arising in your experience, you become present and open to the situation in a gentle and sensitive way. You directly feel the content of the soul’s experience. You do not mentally deduce what’s happening—you know it intimately by feeling it through vulnerable and sensitive openness. Green imbues Being’s openness with a transparent vulnerability. This vulnerable awareness points to the quality that the Green Essence represents for our Being—a sensitivity of consciousness.

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