Excerpt About Green Latifa

Function of the Green Latifa in Inquiry

Our soul opens up most readily when inquiry addresses our experience in the moment. This is the function of the Green latifa in inquiry—the essential Compassion diamond—for it gives us the capacity to be precisely and clearly sensitive to what is actually happening in the soul. So, not only does the inquiry reveal elements of our experience clearly and precisely, but the precision itself is nothing but the exact recognition of where our consciousness happens to be. Usually, many things are happening in our life at any given time. However, there is a place where our experience is located, where what concerns us most at the moment is differentiated from all the other things that are happening. For instance: “I am experiencing that I am sick, that I am getting married, and that I have to deal with my late taxes, but what I am most in touch with, what I feel is relevant for me at this moment, is that I am feeling a desire to see my father.” Your inquiry has to address that feeling, not the fact that there is an upcoming wedding, that you have liver cancer, and you’re behind in your
paperwork. Where your heart is is what the inquiry must address.

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