Excerpt About Gold Aspect

Essence is in You Like Gold in the Rock

Little by little, we become aware of our life with all of its conflicts and barriers without totally believing that this is all there is. The more we’re able to pay attention and disidentify, the more we’ll be able to see the real truth that is there like veins of gold in piles of rocks. The truth is the gold in the ore. Developing this capacity to pay attention and to disidentify at the same time ultimately leads us to experience our essence. “In the world but not of it” not only describes the person who is free; it describes Essence itself. That’s the deeper aspect. what is this world that we’re “in but not of”? The world is a multitude of things, but the world as we perceive it is primarily made up of mental thoughts and images, emotions, and sensations. Everything that you know about the world and yourself depends on thoughts, images, emotions, and sensations. What else do you know? Ultimately, the world as you perceive it comes down to your sensations of the world, your emotions about it, and the mental images and thoughts you have. For instance, a tree is a tree, but what is it for you? A certain image in your mind, a feeling about it, sensations you feel when you touch it. If you’re sitting in a chair, what is the chair in your direct experience? A sensation under your butt, right? An image in your mind, an idea that causes you to sit this way instead of another. That is the world. Now, Essence is “in the world but not of it.” It’s not sensations, emotions, or mental events. Yet it is “in the world.” It is like the gold in the rock. It is not the rock; it’s in the rock. Essence is in the sensations, emotions, and mental events, but it’s not any of them. Precious stones are in the earth, but they are not the earth itself. They are something else. So is Essence in you. It’s not your flesh, not your emotions, not your thoughts. But it is embedded there. Essence is in you like the gold in the rock, like precious stones in the earth.

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