Excerpt About God

Understanding the Concept of a Personal God
In the particular path we are discussing, that of the Diamond Approach there is a place for a personal God. The path includes attitudes, states, and conditions that are best conceptualized in terms of relationship to a personal God. But the important thing is that the perspective of the Diamond Approach makes it possible to have direct experiences that help us understand and appreciate what the concept of a personal God can mean. This is because the perspective includes, as an important part, a rare understanding of the personal. We discussed… our understanding of a particular essential aspect, the personal essence, which gives the soul the sense of being personal. The personal essence gives the soul the capacity for personal contact, personal interaction and communication… we saw it not simply as emotional communication based on historical content, but as a particular essential quality, a platonic form that makes it possible for us to make contact with another soul directly and in an appropriate and attuned manner, a manner that considers and respects the uniqueness of each soul and her individual unfoldment.

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