Excerpt About God's Will

Brilliancy is Frequently Related to God's Will

I think it is this intelligence, this Brilliancy—this core of all life, all existence—that is responsible for what we call evolution and development. I believe in evolution, that the species happened, that man evolved, and so forth. But the way I see it is that there is intelligence at the core of the underlying movement. Intelligence is manifesting itself so that in time it will show itself completely, consciously. So it is not like there is a set plan, a plan that God had: You are going to go do this, then that; first there will be crocodiles, then apes, then man. It’s not like that. It is more like there is an ocean of intelligence that is moving and coming out. It goes in one direction that either works or doesn’t work, and if one direction doesn’t work it weaves around in some other direction that does work. There is an intelligence that guides the movement, so in time the intelligence comes out in more intelligent life, a more intelligent existence. And people could call that God’s will. That is why Brilliancy is frequently related to God’s will.

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