Excerpt About God's Will

Going With the Flow

Surrendering to the Holy Will is freedom because then you are not placing any constraints, preferences, or conditions upon reality. Everything that happens is fine with you. This degree of surrender must happen at all levels. It cannot be a superficial surrender based on an idea of what is spiritually correct. You can’t simply say to yourself, “I surrender to this,” while in your heart you wish something else were happening, thereby rejecting your present experience. True surrender means not seeking or efforting. It means totally flowing with the unfolding of reality, “going with the flow,” as we used to say in the sixties. It means surrendering to God’s will, the flow of the Universal Mind. Whatever He wills is completely welcomed without resistance, without judgment, and without preference. So the understanding of the Holy Ideas of action, from the perspective of the triangle of Ideas we are working with, is that reality manifests according to its own inherent directionality, its own choice, its own will. Each of us is a part of that will; our very existence is part of this unfoldment. To completely surrender to it means accepting reality unconditionally, including our own states and our own actions. This does not mean resignation; it means acceptance and response out of that acceptance. Responding appropriately to whatever situation you find yourself in, or taking what is called in Buddhism “right action,” requires complete acceptance of any situation. So, to use our earlier example, if a truck is barreling toward you on the freeway, enlightened action is neither letting it hit you nor getting angry that the truck driver is endangering you in the first place, but moving out of its way! This moving out of the way, however, does not involve rejecting the situation or having an emotional reaction.

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