Excerpt About God's Will

Recognizing that Your Will is Part of the Will of the Whole Brings Freedom

Just as Holy Transparency is grounded in Holy Omniscience, so Holy Freedom is grounded in Holy Will. Holy Freedom is basically experiencing Holy Will from the perspective of being a human being, which specifically means that you don’t have a separate will. Just as you see in Holy Transparency that you don’t exist as a separate entity, in Holy Freedom, you see that your will does not exist as a separate will. When you recognize that your will is part of the will of the whole, you are free. Being completely in harmony and completely merged with Holy Will is liberating. There is no opposition to what happens but rather, a complete welcoming of it, since your will and that of the universe are one. It is the sense that “My will is Thy will.” You are completely in harmony with God’s will, completely surrendered to it. A story is told about the Sufi saint, Rabia, that illustrates this understanding. Before she died, three of her fellow Sufis went to her to discuss some of the finer points of the teaching. The question they were pondering was: what is the best and most objective way of responding to God’s chastisement? The first said, “To be patient with it,” to which Rabia replied, “I smell ego there.” The second one said, “To completely welcome it,” and Rabia responded, “That’s better, but still not enough.” The third Sufi said, “To delight in it,” to which Rabia said, “Better, but God wouldn’t be satisfied with that.” So they asked her how she saw it, and she said, “When there is disharmony, I don’t see it because I am seeing God.” What Rabia meant is that there is complete forget-fulness of the chastisement because you are seeing the Holy Truth. So whatever you see or experience, even the chastisement, is the Holy Truth. The Holy Truth is everything, including all that happens—what we call good, what we call bad, what is painful or pleasurable to us—all is part of the Holy Truth.

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