Excerpt About God's Will

Being the Individual Manifestation of Reality

So there is nothing in Being that is similar to the function of intention of ego. One is so integrated into reality that it is reality that is the source of one’s actions. As the Personal Essence, one becomes the spearhead of reality. Reality acts through one by one being the individual manifestation of it. In religious language this is called surrender to God’s will, or flowing with the Tao. The popular understanding of what it is to be spiritually realized conceives such realization as divorced from personal functioning. A common image is of the holy man not interested in the world and its ways, but also inefficient and unskillful in these ways. These days another idea of the spiritually realized person is the guru surrounded by his disciples and sheltered from the world and its concerns. But this is not the life of the Personal Essence. It might be the manifestation of some universal aspects, but then it is not the full realization of the human potential. The presence of the Personal Essence is equivalent to the presence of efficient, intelligent, integrated and mature functioning that is not split off from Being, but manifests and embodies it.

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