Excerpt About Fundamental Narcissism

Relationship Between Central and Fundamental narcissism

The characteristics of fundamental narcissism are most clearly and specifically seen when central narcissism dominates the student’s experience. Central narcissism indicates the alienation from the Essential Identity. Since this aspect of Essence functions as the true identity, it is what gives the self the capacity for being its essential presence. Since the disturbance of this capacity is what underlies the fundamental narcissistic characteristics, it is clear that these characteristics will be most clearly manifest when central narcissism dominates experience. More specifically, the alienation from the Essential Identity disturbs the capacity of the self, in general, to be its essential core. Therefore, it is paramount to work on central narcissism to accomplish any deep transformation in fundamental narcissism. This is why central narcissism is our primary focus in this study. In reality, the work on central narcissism is the most fundamental and necessary work needed to be done on narcissism.

Discuss Fundamental Narcissism

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