Excerpt About Functioning

Balanced Development Enables Objective Functioning
There are many stories about students who want to serve. Somebody goes to the teacher and says, “Why don't you give me something to do, I want to serve.” Many times the teacher says, “Go home, take care of your kids. Forget about serving God for now. Just go home, be nice to your wife. When the time comes, you will know how to serve.” There is a need for a tremendous amount of experience, for integration of experience, for balancing factors of all kinds for the soul as organ of action to function correctly. But we don’t have to be absolutely purified to function with objectivity. If the development is balanced, there is a tendency for action also to be balanced. We can't be purified all at once, but balance is possible from the beginning. Each one of us will have to allow ourselves to get deeper into our hearts and see what our hearts really want. what is the deeper purpose? What is the higher aim? What is the deeper longing for? What does the soul want?

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