Excerpt About Freedom Vehicle

Soul's Role in the Cosmic Manifestation
The relationship of the soul to the microcosm, and specifically to its absolute essence, becomes clearly delineated by the advent of a new diamond vehicle that manifests as part of the journey of descent, the freedom vehicle. It clarifies where lies the true freedom of the soul, and how this freedom is inseparable from the life of service. Amongst the many elements of the infinite wisdom inherent to this vehicle, one that is paramount to the soul in terms of her life and development is the objective and precise wisdom regarding the soul’s role in the cosmic manifestation. what is important about it for our life on earth is that it contains the objective wisdom of what an individual being is in relation to the cosmos, and what his or her function is in actuality. The freedom vehicle clearly indicates this wisdom, which reveals our presence as a direct manifestation and extension of the absolute into cosmic manifestation. It is the absolute, nonlocal, and nonextended; yet it is a form localized in the world of time and space. It is a bridge between timelessness/spacelessness and time/space. It is itself beyond time and space, but protrudes into them, bringing through its emanations the richness inherent in the absolute.

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