Excerpt About Free Will

Free Will and the Soul
The soul also has the capacity to shut off awareness of the rest of the Universal Mind, and focus on one part of it, like the physical. A whole viewpoint develops based on that orientation towards physical reality. I think that is why it is said that we have free will—we have the capacity to say “no” to some aspects of reality, to live as if our own limited knowledge were all there is. And from that perspective, we make choices. In that sense, we do have free will. But from the perspective of the Nous, there is no free will. It is all the Nous anyway. At the locations called souls, Nous operates in a certain way: A particular location can cut off its perception such that it believes that it is running the show. Yet the same soul that has the capacity to delude itself also can work to clarify itself and begin to see the Nous, and begin to allow it to function. You can call this process surrendering, allowing the will of God, simply being, or just non-doing.

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