Excerpt About Flow

A Judgmental and Comparative Attitude Blocks the Flow of Reality

The attitude of comparative judgment and trying to change things interferes with the experience, so you can’t see it as it is. If you cannot see it as it is, you are interfering with how reality is revealing itself, and you block it from revealing the truth contained within it. You stop it from showing you that you are being deluded, that you are stuck here and there, and you block it from revealing its nature, which you realize, when it reveals itself, is perfect. Comparative judgment keeps you from seeing the the perfection inherent in reality, and your interference blocks it from revealing more and more of this perfection. A judgmental and comparative attitude blocks the flow of reality, and the energy and consciousness become stagnant. what is needed is a surrender to the unfoldment of your reality, and this means not going along with your comparisons and judgments. The surrender, then, is to let understanding do its job instead of trying to make things go a certain way so that you can make yourself into a better person.

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