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Flexibility in the Field of the Soul

The soul is a field in this sense, a region of space with particular properties responsive to a specific set of stimuli. The field of the soul is not physical, electromagnetic, or gravitational; rather, it is related to awareness and consciousness. When we recognize the soul we find it to be a locus of consciousness, where this locus is an extended field. The field normally extends through the body, and is often experienced as coextensive with it. However, the field of the soul has no particular shape or size. It is completely formless and amorphous, and can take any shape or form. Depending on the particular state of the soul, this field of consciousness can easily be perceived as bigger, even much bigger, than the body, or it can be perceived to be condensed or contracted into a field smaller than the body. The felt sense of the field of the soul usually takes the shape of the body, largely because the soul identifies herself with the body. The soul actually forms herself according to the body image, as we will see in chapter11. When we are aware of the soul and have some distance from our body image, we begin to see the amazing flexibility and malleability of the soul, and we begin to experience ourselves assuming all kinds of shapes and forms. Although this description might sound like something out of the Terminator movies, it is not such a strange idea; most people feel this sort of expansion and contraction and shifting of qualities all the time.

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