Excerpt About Fear

Fear as Resistance
Experiencing the empty shell is a major development in a student’s process; it arises at several junctures in the process of resolving the narcissistic constellation. It is most intensely experienced around the breakdown of the mirror transference, because mirroring is the only major support left for this structure of the self. Although it is most intense just around the breakdown, it may manifest a long time before it, or even after it. It will continue to arise every time one recognizes the identification with a self-representation. It is the primary narcissistic structure and the main barrier to self-realization. There are many resistances against experiencing and acknowledging the shell, some of which are: (a) fear of being nothing, or having nothing, (b) fear that if one looks deeply he will realize that he is not important, not significant, that he does not count, (c) fear that one really is just an empty shell, and (d) shame.

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