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Realizing That We Didn’t Have the Father We Thought We Had

When we realize we didn’t have the father we thought we had, we might get pretty gloomy and depressed; it might start seeming to be the end of the world. We forget that what we need is not exactly father but what father represents. You are knowing yourself by recognizing yourself at that age. So, as you recognize that part of yourself, it grows, gets bigger and stronger. To really be the father toward yourself is to protect and guide your inner child. So integrating Brilliancy means, among other things, to be the right kind of father to the child within you. You need to see that you wanted the good father; but this longing reveals a hollowness that gets replaced by the brilliant presence, which you then recognize as exactly what you wanted from your father. In other words, by longing for the good father you are actually longing for Brilliancy. This association between father and Brilliancy is universal. In contacting the longing for father, you find your soul the way it was when its development was arrested. This is what I call the Soul Child. When you integrate the Brilliancy by working through the relationship with your father, you become the needed protective or guiding father for yourself, the father you never had. More accurately, Essence becomes the protecting and guiding father for the soul. As the soul grows and matures, it attains the qualities and capacities of Brilliancy. In this way, the soul becomes whole, integrated, and inseparable from the qualities and capacities of Brilliancy.

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