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Understanding the Relationship between Brilliancy and Father

So Brilliancy can change in its form and therefore its influences on all of our capacities, depending on our need in the moment. In the same way a father needs to be a different kind of father at different times, depending on the needs of the child at the moment, or at different stages of development. Your father needs to fulfill different functions at different times and stages. And when those different functions become internalized, you will become the father of yourself. Then your capacities will take on various forms and manifestations according to the needs of the moment. This understanding of the relationship between Brilliancy and father, and how one integrates and embodies the various qualities and capacities as one re-owns one’s own Brilliancy, gives a more adequate understanding of the internalization of parental functions than is available through depth psychology. The view in depth psychology, as in psychoanalytic theory, is that the child develops most of his capacities and functions by internalizing them from the parents, the father in our present case. That view does not recognize the human child’s innate qualities, but gives him only the capacity to learn those qualities from the parents. It is as if the child begins his life possessing no qualities of strength, support, guidance, and responsibility, but develops them only by acquiring them from the father. In the understanding we are working with, we see that the child has all of the qualities and capacities in potential as part of his own Brilliancy. He cannot, however, utilize or express them because of the immaturity of his physical and psychic apparatuses. So he needs to have them reflected in his environment until he is able to fully embody them.

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