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Realization of True Objective Guidance

The third quality associated with the father is Diamond Guidance. We have already discussed this aspect, as Diamond Consciousness, in some detail in a previous chapter. It is the aspect of objective consciousness. Its function is objective perception and understanding, functioning primarily through the integration of analysis and synthesis. It is the guidance for the realization and development of the Personal Essence. So one of its main issues is father’s guidance in one’s process of separation and individuation. This issue can manifest as conflict in one’s relationship to one’s father, that led to doubting his guidance, and thus a lack of trust in him. To regain the trust, one must become objective about one’s father. This ultimately leads to the perception of splitting of father’s image, of seeing him as either all good or all bad. When this splitting is understood and resolved and one becomes objective about the father and his guidance, the true objective guidance is realized. The more one frees one’s capacity to trust guidance and to perceive it, the more one trusts the guidance of the Diamond Consciousness. This aspect, naturally, becomes projected on the teacher, as the guide for the process of inner realization. But this then brings about the father transference, and facilitates its understanding in terms of understanding one’s relationship to father, if the teacher is able to undertake the guidance. This leads to the process of separation from the image of father, which becomes experienced as separation from the teacher, culminating in the integration of the Diamond Consciousness.

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