Excerpt About Father

Father is Important for the Individuation of the Child

The father is important to the child as a person separate and different from mother. His presence aids the child’s differentiation and separation from mother. Most children experience the availability of the father as a support for them to differentiate and separate from the mother in early childhood ……….. So the father becomes important for support of individuation, for guidance in the world outside that of mother, for protection, and for identification. This makes him the focus of the projection of a group of essential aspects. These aspects, we have observed, are always associated with father or with the relationship to him. Students consistently report these aspects to be associated with masculinity or maleness. They are very different, in terms of experience, from those of the mother group. One might gain an intuitive sense of this difference by learning that the mother group is represented by the color gold, the father group by the color white or silver. The Father aspects include Universal Will, Diamond Guidance, Intelligence, and most of the boundless aspects of Being. These aspects usually do not manifest until later in the process of essential realization.

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