Excerpt About False Will

Letting Go of False Will

Letting go of the false will might be scary; you might feel as if you are falling into emptiness; you might wonder whether you will be able to functionwithout it. But when real will is present there is no feeling of fear, no feeling that the emptiness is bad and that you will fall into it. If there is no true will, and no false will, the experience is fear. Basically it is a fear of falling, of no support, of no recourse. But when there is emptiness, which is the lack of a contraction, and the presence of true will, you experience openness rather than fear. This situation leaves us in a dilemma. We are afraid to let go of our false will, our hardness and rigidity, because we are afraid we are going to fall on our faces, with no support and nothing to hold on to. We will have nothing to push against in order to act. It will just be a huge vacuity. To avoid this feeling we harden ourselves, create a false will so that there will be something under us from which we can spring into action. This happens because you believe you need something to support you, and the belief creates a blockage against the true will. It is the belief itself that creates the blockage, which appears near the solar plexus. When you see this belief, the blockage goes away, and you see that emptiness, rather than something you might fall into, is an openness from which spontaneous action arises. Then instead of fear there is confidence.

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