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Real Faith
Faith is a word I seldom use. I think the best way to understand faith is to contrast it with belief. Faith, in a sense, does what belief attempts to do. That is why many people take faith to be belief. For instance, when people go to church, they are told to have faith. Most people think that means they have to believe in God and Christ and the doctrines of the church. So in the beginning, faith is seen as belief. “I believe there is a God, so I have faith in God. I believe that Christ died to save humanity and reduce our suffering. I believe this because somebody I trust told me.” So faith, in its crudest form, is a belief or an outcome of a belief, a feeling you have because you believe something. This is not real faith. Real faith results not from belief but from real knowledge. When you really know because you have perceived directly, then you have real faith. So real faith means the direct knowing of that which you have faith in. When you have perceived God, then you have real faith. It’s unshakable because you have seen it, felt it. You may not be seeing it right now, but you have seen it at least once. So faith is belief in the existence of something that you have experienced or perceived directly. So you have the feeling or the emotion of faith.

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